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'Epiphany' AW18 Sneak Peek

For this drop, we've taken our fundamentals of clean staple design and combined it with a fresh new colour palette to accentuate an evolution in Serieux design and influence. This has now been showcased in our upcoming AW18 drop. This drop adds new ways to experience Serieux.

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Time To Feel

The shirt is inspired by a summer favourite track - Need to Feel Loved by Sander Van Doorn. If you’ve heard the song, you know that you will immediately start feeling Euphoric, Nostalgic and Free from the world. The throbbing bass and smooth vocals became an anthem that both drove our work and reminded us to take time and enjoy ourselves. 

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For our current streetwear collection we want to thrill our tribe members and bring something new to the table. So we set out to challenge ourselves, while staying true to the roots of our distinct style. As a result the Serieux team are excited to unveil Summer 2018, our most dynamic season yet.

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The Serieux Chronicles

Step inside the upgraded Chronicles, a place to chill and line up your next fix of bold streetwear, and find out about the origins of Serieux and where we're headed. We are buzzing to bring you the new vision for our blog, going deeper than ever before into the inspiration and philosophy behind your favourite drops.

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The first and fundamental rule to streetwear is to forget what you learnt from your dad about fashion. From almost the moment we were born, we were given strict rules about how to wear clothes. Then along came urban taste to completely troll everyone who once said denim-on-denim was a fashion crime. Streetwear is about

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