The Serieux Chronicles

The Serieux Chronicles

November 21, 2017

A New Vision

Welcome to the upgraded Chronicles, a place to chill and line up for your next fix of bold streetwear. We are buzzing to bring you the new vision for our blog, with plans to chart exciting stories and photography coming from the Serieux team. Going deeper than ever before into the inspiration and philosophy behind your favourite drops.

We’re ramping up to make Chronicles a place for everything that we love. That’s music, culture, discovery and most importantly, our love for fashion.

First and foremost, we'll be expanding on our ideals, philosophies and concepts around fashion and opening the treasure chest on behind the scenes - and an inside scoop on what we're about and how we are evolving in terms of fashion. We want to bring you into each design, detail and range. 

We’re also quite thrilled to continue shining a light on our favourite new tracks and have a chat with established and up-and-coming local and international artists to get an insight into their world. The music series has been ever growing and it will continue to expand into new worlds and genres.

Yet we’re not satisfied, so we’re hooking up with a talented young Aussie legend who loves traveling and is an amazing photographer for discovery experiences like no other. Mitch was an early collaborator in our story, and we’re stoked to share his exploits, capturing awe inspiring escapes across Australia and overseas. So stay tuned, and expect some crazy stories from our pocket of the world, to the whole globe.

Serieux Beginnings 

Coming up in Sydney, the question of style is interrogated on the street. For a new player in the bursting streetwear scene, the answer remains with the classics, and provocative takes on personal staples. Whether you're new or returning, we welcome you to Serieux, an independent voice for Australian streetwear. A love letter to considered minimalism carried by lifelong obsessions with style, music and culture.

The approach reflects the brand's humble origins, the solo passion project of a young creative. Serieux began only as a concept in 2013, but clothing was a natural fit and the purpose was clear, to create meaningful apparel through beautiful design and quality - to become iconic and stay that way.

Eventually the dream would give way to reality. Years of preparation, leading to collaborations with talented designers, and manufacturers chosen for their quality and social responsibility. All building the foundation for the inaugural line of Summer 2015. The collection, a montage of geometry and monochrome on soft 100% cotton tees was a milestone for Serieux. The response drove the brand headfirst into two more seasons, each building on the success last.

We've taken steps into colour and print; the Camel and Camo block tees becoming fast favourites, while the black and white Evolve tee has turned a classic design into a new unique concept - all created to change the standard of design.

Naturally, all items carry the Serieux signature, not just our name but our bold approach to style, emphasising clean lines and understated detail. As the collections grew so too would the serious passion required, but hard work had already seen Serieux rise to establish itself as an independent Australian brand.

The Future Awaits

For 2018, a rush of new talent to the team will keep our objectives front and center. To be a bold and unique voice for streetwear and the culture that inspires us. The revamped Chronicles blog will continue to highlight exciting artists and events, while the team and collaborators provide your scope to street style.

The Summer 2018 | SS18 | line has just dropped, but there is already talk of big developments and plans laid into uncharted territory for the future of Serieux.

Cheers for joining the community and being a part of the Serieux story. We hope to become a part of yours. 

For Now. Forever.

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July 17, 2018

Serieux is expanding to provide you quality gear in store by working with select Australian retailers. We've been working with the Bravo1 team in Melbourne to bring you your favourite Serieux gear in store - available now.

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'Epiphany' AW18 Sneak Peek
'Epiphany' AW18 Sneak Peek

June 05, 2018

For this drop, we've taken our fundamentals of clean staple design and combined it with a fresh new colour palette to accentuate an evolution in Serieux design and influence. This has now been showcased in our upcoming AW18 drop. This drop adds new ways to experience Serieux.

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Time To Feel
Time To Feel

December 17, 2017

The shirt is inspired by a summer favourite track - Need to Feel Loved by Sander Van Doorn. If you’ve heard the song, you know that you will immediately start feeling Euphoric, Nostalgic and Free from the world. The throbbing bass and smooth vocals became an anthem that both drove our work and reminded us to take time and enjoy ourselves. 

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